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Skelmanthorpe Academy

Elm Street, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD8 9DZ

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Vision statement and intent: 

At Skelmanthorpe Academy it is our vision that every child will be inspired to become confident readers and writers through access to an exciting, inspiring, diverse and original curriculum that offers up opportunities to support and challenge them. We believe this encouragement will enable our pupils to become confident, capable and enthusiastic learners who will develop a genuine love of language and literature. We want our pupils to have access to wide range of diverse and interesting learning materials and experiences that will broaden their vocabulary, their general knowledge and make them eager to find out more. 


Our pupils will use writing to express themselves and communicate with others and will write independently for a range of purposes. They will reflect on their own and others writing and have an understanding of purpose and know the power and importance to tone, style and vocabulary. Children will be immersed in a language-rich environment which will be supported by well-stocked book corners and a library. Children will become independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning – skills which will enable them to access all areas of the curriculum. This will be given real purpose and supported by the use of music, drama and poetry across all subject areas.


Writing is an essential part of our curriculum and we aim to use all areas of the curriculum, not only English, to embed the skills that our children are learning and developing. We offer many opportunities to inspire children, which makes sure they enjoy writing.


Focused teaching and support ensures children make excellent progress. In EYFS children learn how to hold a pencil properly and begin to form letters, words and sentences.


We explicitly teach cursive handwriting and award pen licences to children who can prove they can write cursively, across a range of subjects and genres. We link our writing context to our curriculum topics, finding real purpose to enthuse children.

At Skelmanthorpe Academy, we foster a love of reading through school using texts that are vibrant, interesting and take into account the children interests. We use the ‘Power of Reading’ in school as a whole class approach and this is complemented by extra interventions to ensure all children make good or better progress.


Each week, parents and volunteers listen to children read in school and we ensure reading books are carefully matched to ability. We use Letters and Sounds phonics daily across EYFS and KS1. English is taught daily through a mixture of learning about reading, writing and speaking and listening, which includes a variety of text types and genres.


Reading is well promoted in school through events such as World Book Day and participation in national events for example the Kate Greenaway award.

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